Information about the Port

The port of Vaasa has about 650 ships visits annually, and the port has regular daily connections to Umeå and weekly connections to Lübeck, Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Tilbury.

Map over the Port of Vasa

The strategic location of the port of Vaasa near the international airport, with good road and rail connections, provides good conditions for handling fuels, agricultural products, and project cargo. The port has expertise and resources to handle demanding project cargo as well as transport from or to the region’s energy, engineering, and metal industries. The port of Vaasa offers the northernmost open year-round waterway between two countries by sea to Umeå and connects the E12 route from Russia all the way to Norway and the Atlantic Coast.

Thanks to diverse transport connections, it is easy to bring and export cargo to the port of Vaasa also by road and rail transport. The industrial concentration of the energy industry in the region is unique to the whole of Finland, and the port of Vaasa offers an environmentally friendly and cost-effective route for industrial import and export transport. Vessel traffic services are complemented by efficient cargo handling and storage services in the port area.

Regular services: Umea, Lübeck, Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Tilbury

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The port of Vaasa

Berth depth:

6.8 - 9 m

Diagonal depth:

9 m



Port services:

24 h

Tugboat services:

24 h

Pilot services:


Ro-Ro berths:

3 berths



Lifting capacity:

200 t


5 0000 m²

Outdoor storage:

8 ha

Goods volumes:

1.1-1.6 million tonnes/year

Vessel visits: