Traffic list Vaasa

VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) promotes the flow and efficiency of vessel traffic and prevents accidents. Kvarken Ports has signed a co-operation agreement on vessel traffic services in maritime traffic control and all vessels over 24 metres long are obliged to participate in the vessel traffic service. Vessel Traffic Services Finland Oy provides vessel traffic services in the waters controlled by the port of Vaasa. In the port of Vaasa, there is a departure permit procedure, which means that in order to obtain permission to depart, the vessel must submit a notice of departure to VTS. Permission granted by VTS is valid for 20 minutes. In addition, ships operating on a scheduled basis have the right of way in relation to the other traffic.

Vessel traffic services in the port of Vaasa are provided by West Coast VTS. At least one hour before departure/entry, a notification must also be made to port control (+35840-5672975) to arrange the mooring and unmooring of the vessel.

Table description


Arrival Date

Departure Date


Arrival From

Departure To



kuokka-pekka 2

09.07.2024 22:00


pori, fi

vaasa, fi

terramare oy

eastern rock

18.07.2024 20:00

19.07.2024 08:00

ro-ro 3

haugesund, no

haugesund, no

oy galea shipping ab


19.07.2024 07:30

20.07.2024 08:30


husum, se

husum, se

oy galea shipping ab

load. timber


21.07.2024 16:10

24.07.2024 08:31

13 (ei rekisterissä)

raahe, fi

vaasa, fi

arctia meritaito oy


23.07.2024 21:50

25.07.2024 17:00


vejle, dk

vejle, dk

oy galea shipping ab

disch. general cargo


24.07.2024 16:40

25.07.2024 08:45

13 (ei rekisterissä)

vaasa, fi

kaskinen-kaskö, fi

arctia meritaito oy


26.07.2024 00:00

29.07.2024 00:00


uusikaupunki, fi

rotterdam, nl

oy galea shipping ab

load. bulk

tern fors

28.07.2024 03:00

28.07.2024 16:00


göteborg, se

turku, fi

gac finland oy

disch. oil