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Port of Umeå as a green transport node-model in a pilot study to strengthen the Green Shipping Corridor between Umeå and Vaasa

A joint project will make the Port of Umeå a system demonstrator and forerunner with the aim of strengthening and extending the Green Shipping Corridors* initiated within the EU.

- The work on shaping a Green Shipping Corridor between Umeå and Vaasa is currently underway. Through this project, we want to extend the corridor and accelerate the transition to fossil-free transport and operations. We hope to be able to show Umeå port as a good example of how to reduce emissions, push for environmentally friendly investments and support the Green Shipping Corridors, says Christer Nederstedt, Sales and Marketing Manager Kvarken Ports.

Umeå hamn

Port of Umeå December 2023. Photographer: Fredrik Larsson.

The project will, among other things, look at how to carry out fossil-free operations within the port, how to enable others to carry out fossil-free operations, how to enable freight forwarders and goods owners to report and meet their environmental targets and how to be able to report the node's emissions /transport mission.

-It is not enough to focus on the environmental impact that occurs when moving between nodes in the transport system, but we also need to capture the environmental emissions that occur in the various nodes of the transport system, says Mikael Lind, Adjunct Professor of Maritime Informatics, at RISE.

The project is initiated by Kvarken Ports and RISE. RISE is the project manager and the project is carried out together with Kvarken Ports, Wasaline, Norra Timber, Green Cargo and Kalmar/Cargotec. The project runs between November 2023 and until November 2024. Vinnova finances parts of the project.

- We attach great importance to the collaboration with the project parties and RISE, which has the knowledge and breadth to be able to run this type of project. We hope that the port of Umeå can become a forerunner for other ports in the green transition, says Nederstedt

The city of Vaasa, Umeå municipality, Umeå Hamn AB, Umeå Kommunföretat AB, Wasaline and Kvarken Ports have entered into an agreement of intent for a Green Shipping Corridor between Umeå and Vaasa. The agreement implies a strong commitment to the promotion of sustainable traffic and to cooperation between the cities and their actors. Through the collaboration, the aim is for the connection to be climate neutral by 2030.

- In the project, we will rig a so-called system demonstrator where information on climate impact is captured and shared with the port's stakeholders. We can understand and change what we measure, and today there are increasing demands from transport buyers regarding sustainable operations and accounting of the transport system's environmental footprint, says Sandra Haraldson, Senior researcher at RISE.

The Port of Umeå has already been far ahead in both innovation projects and construction and development projects with the aim of developing and future-proofing the port. This is especially important as cargo volumes are steadily increasing and the port of Umeå has a great regional benefit with a catchment area that stretches across to Finland, down to Örnsköldsvik and up to Skellefteå as well as far inland to Norway. The development of the port also strengthens Umeå's role as an important logistical hub in northern Europe.

* Green Shipping Corridors refer to emission-free routes between two or more ports. According to the declaration, this means that the fuels do not cause emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

About Kvarken Ports
Kvarken Ports is a joint port company for Umeå and Vaasa. The cooperation contributes to strengthening the ports' market position in the growing trade exchange between the Baltic Sea countries. Kvarken Ports is responsible for the operation of the ports of Umeå and Vasa.

About Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)
RISE is Sweden's research institute and innovation partner. In international cooperation with companies, academia and the public sector, RISE contributes to a competitive business life and a sustainable society. RISE's roughly 3,300 employees drive and support all types of innovation processes. RISE is an independent, state research institute that offers unique expertise and around 130 test and demonstration environments for future-proof technologies, products and services.