Cooperation agreement between Kvarken Ports and RISE to develop Port of Umeå

Kvarken Ports and RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) strengthen their cooperation through a new cooperation agreement. The aim is to cooperate for capacity building in port innovation and thus port development.

- Through our collaboration with RISE, we are strengthening the conditions for port development. Together, we get a knowledge platform which in turn will lead to strengthening the port as a sustainable transport, energy and digital node, says Christer Nederstedt, sales and marketing manager at Kvarken Ports in Umeå.

Mikael Lind, Adjungerad Professor i Maritim Informatik, RISE

Mikael Lind, Adjungerad Professor i Maritim Informatik, RISE

The cooperation agreement was signed earlier this year and is valid for the next five years. Together, the organizations have agreed on five prioritized areas of cooperation:

• The sustainable port as a transport, energy and digital node.
• Green corridors with Kvarken Ports (and the ports of Umeå and Vaasa) as a green node.
• Green transition for sustainable industry.
• Innovative capacity in the port of the future.
• Kvarken Ports as a test bed and collaboration arena.

- The collaboration means that we get access to a well-functioning port that is at the forefront, says Mikael Lind, Maritime professor RISE, who sees great advantages in the collaboration between Kvarken Ports and the port of Umeå.

The ambition is to develop joint projects and other activities linked to port operations and shipping, something that will also benefit other ports in the long run.

-We place great importance on the collaboration we now have with RISE, which has the knowledge and breadth to be able to run this type of project. We hope that the port's role in the overall infrastructure will be further strengthened, with a focus on sustainability and efficiency, says Nederstedt.

The port of Umeå has already been well ahead in both innovation projects and construction and development projects with the aim of developing and future-proofing the port. This is especially important as cargo volumes are steadily increasing and the port of Umeå has a great regional benefit with a catchment area that stretches across to Finland, down to Ö-vik and up to Skellefteå as well as far inland. The development of the port also strengthens Umeå's role as an important logistical hub in northern Europe.